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Flow Wrapping Machines, or Horizontal Flow Wrappers, are a high speed solution to wrapping a range of products, from bakery products to household items. This explains Flow Wrapping machines and their potential applications.
A Horizontal Flow Wrapper is a highly efficient packaging machine, ideal for packing large quantities of individual products. Common applications include bakery products, confectionery and household items.
The machine seals a product in a pillow or envelope of plastic film or foil, which can improve shelve life and protect the product from damage and contamination. Packing speeds are available up to 1000 pack per minute or more, depending on the industry, product and machine model.

The basic principle is:
  • A in-feed conveyor lines up individual products into a forming box.
  • The forming box creates a continuous tube of film around the product.
  • A rotary heat sealer and cutter separates the items and seals them into individual wrappers.
  • The sealed and packed products exit the machine to be boxed and ready for shipment.

  • A flow wrapper is ideal to:
  • package and brand a large quantity of identical products.
  • to package products at high speed.
  • You need an efficient way to improve shelf life of your products.
  • You need to protect the product from contamination and damage.
  • You are looking for a purpose-built packaging solution.

  • They are ideal for packing:
  • Food items (e.g. pizza bases, trays of biscuits, deep fried food trays).
  • Confectionery (e.g. muesli bars, lollies).
  • Bakery products (e.g. rolls, pies, buns, muffins).
  • Stationary (e.g. books, magazines, paper, pens, cards).
  • Household products (eg. wipes, sponges, paper napkins, disposable cutlery).